Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Evening w/ Lynn Lowry at the New Beverly

Photo courtesy of Lee Christian
Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated Lynn Lowry's career with us at The New Beverly Theater last month. Despite some aggravating sound problems (which resulted in quite a late evening as the issues took time to fix, yet somehow added to the whole grindhouse feel of the thing) Lynn and I both had a fun time.

Lee Christian was kind enough to take a bunch of nice pictures (some of which are displayed here), so please respect that and don't go re-posting them without asking his permission first! Thanks!

Photo courtesy of Lee Christian
We started out by raffling off a bunch of prizes, mostly DVDs of Lynn Lowry's films, some of which she personally donated (including Basement Jack, Fighting Mad, Splatter Disco, etc.) I also gave away a great book - Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever Made.

Congrats to everyone who took home a prize!

I briefly introduced the movies and of course I forgot to thank everyone I wanted to thank (notably Michael Torgan and The New Beverly for being so incredibly awesome). Then we showed an amazing video tribute to Lynn Lowry which Damon Packard was kind enough to cut for us especially for the event. Check it out!

After that we showed a really rough edit of the Eggs Kickstarter video to help raise awareness of my new project starring Lynn. Hopefully no one will ever see that rough cut again, but the finished video can be seen HERE.

Then it was time for the movies, starting with a nicely worn print of The Crazies (1973), loaned to the occasion from Quentin Tarantino's personal library. This was my first time seeing it on the big screen and I wasn't disappointed. It was every bit as bleak and hopeless as I remembered, and of course it has all those great scenes that the remake was afraid to touch!

When The Crazies ended we had a quick Q&A between myself, Lynn and the audience. Thanks to Andrew Kadikian you can watch that here:

After another raffle (which included a VHS copy of The Double-D Avenger spontaneously donated by the amazing G. Larry Butler) we showed J.T. Seaton's fantastic short film Divination (2011) w/ Lynn Lowry playing a scam psychic. It's a great short and the audience seemed really into it.

Finally we watched a personal favorite of mine, Paul Schrader's Cat People (1982). I've seen this a number of times over the years but never on the big screen. It timed out nicely as April was the film's 30th anniversary!
Photo courtesy of Lee Christian

I hope everyone who attended had a great time. It was certainly a memorable evening for Lynn and myself!

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to throw us some love over at the Eggs Kickstarter campaign.

~Ryan Stockstad
Director of Eggs (2012)

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