Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Replacing Stephen Geoffreys

Sorry I didn't post this sooner but I've been exceptionally busy the last few days.

Essentially I'm in the process of finding a replacement for Stephen Geffreys, who is no longer involved with the project. I announced this change to the project as my first update over at Kickstarter. Read all about it HERE.

Meanwhile, the Kickstarter campaign is progressing nicely. If you haven't yet pledged a donation, PLEASE consider doing so today. The more backers and pledges the project gets the easier it will be to attract pledges from the Kickstarter community and beyond.


Don't forget, you're getting something for your money! $5 gets a mention on the project's shout-out video, $10 gets music downloads, and $25 gets a DVD of the finished movie plus a bunch of other stuff. There are lots of other rewards too, including autographed items, T-Shirts, private events, etc.

Even if you can't afford a donation, a friendly post on Facebook or Twitter (or better yet, taking a minute to email it to your friends who like horror movies) would all be helpful.

We appreciate it!

Director of Eggs (2012)

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