Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You!

My deepest appreciation to the first 25 people to back Eggs on Kickstarter!

Phillip Semenik
Cynthia Lugo
Andrew Kimble
maetrix fitten
David Garry
Ryan Orvis
Garon Cockrell
Jarad Coats
Howard Dorre
Doug Cassidy
Cecilia Orvis
James R Mullett II
Thomas Lady
Jeremy Feig
Richard Castillo
Kate Bundy
Ben Eisen
julia marchese
Melanie Larsen
Tiffiny Alden
Jo Atienza

I'm sure I speak for the entire cast and crew when I say...

THANKS SO MUCH for getting this project rolling!

~Ryan Stockstad
Director of Eggs (2012)

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