Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs!

It's Easter and Eggs is celebrating by going on the radio!

Check out today at 2:30 PST as I countdown my top ten songs about MADNESS! This is part of an awesome radio program called All Time Top Ten w/ Ryan and Ben. Be sure to listen live because I'm giving away 2 tickets to An Evening with Lynn Lowry at the New Beverly Theater and a copy of The Crazies (1973) on DVD.

Just open THIS link at 2:30 and listen in!

This past Friday I had a meeting with Richard (Producer) and Derrick (A.D.) at Sonic in Duarte. (From here on, I think all production meetings should include tator tots and cherry lime aid.)

While we were discussing the script breakdown and working out a schedule, some guy showed up across the street at the trailer park carrying a cross on his back! Of course I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures.

After a few steps, the journey proved too difficult for the guy and he had to take a break beneath the shade of a tree, resting his christ-y load on the grass.

Then a woman showed up and the two began heatedly arguing, with lots of exaggerated body language. They were too far away for us to hear what they were saying, but I imagine it was fraught with biblical fervor. Of course I can't be sure... It may simply have been:

Woman: "Hey guy in the grass... I really like your gigantic wooden cross!"
Guy with Jesus complex: "Why thank you, kind and wonderful lady! I like the way you wag your finger in my face as you scream friendly words at me!"

I suspect not, though.

It all came to an end when the guy's buddy pulled up, took the cross and put it on the back of his pickup. Then the two guys drove off on the next leg of their holy cross-bearing trek, presumably making new friends all the way.

If only Jesus had access to a buddy with a pickup, perhaps the stations of the cross would've ended much differently.

Happy Easter!

And be sure to listen to the radio today!

Director of Eggs (2012)

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