Friday, April 20, 2012

The EGGS Kickstarter campaign is live!

Last night we celebrated Lynn Lowry at the New Beverly Cinema with screenings of The Crazies (1973) and Cat People (1982), plus J.T. Seaton's amazing short film Divination (2011). When I have a moment I'll put up another post with a recap.

In the mean time, I'm thrilled to officially announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Eggs (2012) is LIVE and taking donations! It launched Thursday afternoon at about 3:30 PST. I will be making tweaks to the campaign in the following days, most notably adding a video just as soon as possible.

If you're planning to support the project, PLEASE consider pledging your donation right away. You will not be charged until May 25th when the campaign officially ends, but it sends a message to the Kickstarter community that this project has the support of people who want to see the project made!

We've assembled some cool rewards and would really appreciate your support. In fact, for just $25 you get a DVD of the finished movie, plus a bunch of downloads (music, set photos, etc.). If you're feeling really generous, we have a 3k reward tier that includes an extremely rare, limited edition production book that will be VERY personalized by the cast and crew. Think of it as like a year book with Lynn Lowry and Stephen Geoffreys and lots of blood.

If money is tight, you can still get in on the action with a simple $5 donation and receive a personal 'thank you' in the end-of-funding shout-out vid. I LOVE $5 donations because if everyone I knew were to pledge just one five dollar bill, I'd have about a third of the funding in place!

This is a big project and I really feel an important film, so I'm counting on friends and fans alike for support!

Please help us out:) Thanks!

~Ryan Stockstad
Director of Eggs (2012)

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