Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Songs About Madness!

If you missed Eggs on the radio Sunday you can listen to the archive HERE.

Ben Eisen and Ryan Blake (hosts of All Time Top Ten With Ryan and Ben) were kind enough to invite me to be a guest on their show. They asked me to choose a theme so I picked Top Ten Songs About MADNESS! The date was set and then Ryan Blake had to miss out due to Easter festivities. Ben and I soldiered on, however, and the resulting lists are pretty solid.

Eggs writer Jon Rosenberg even played the movie game on my track #9 and called in and won tickets to An Evening with Lynn Lowry!

I'm happy to report that Zombie Jesus stayed out of the radio station, but I did have momentary flashes to that fantastic Chop Top scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre II.

If you want to know my top ten songs you'll have to listen to the show, but click on the links below to hear my alternate picks:

#11.) Off the Wall by Michael Jackson
"Let the madness in the music get to you!"

#12.) I Kill Children by Dead Kennedys
"I kill children!
I love to see them die.
I kill children!
And make their mamas cry."

#13.) They're Coming to Take Me Away, as covered by Lard
"Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I'd go berserk?!"

#14.) My Dad's Gone Crazy by Eminem
"Somebody, please help him!
I think my dad's gone crazy!"

#15.) Look at Your Game Girl by Charles Manson
"What a mad delusion
Living in that confusion
Frustration and doubt
Can you ever live without the game?"

#16.) No Vacation by The Apples in Stereo
"I tell myself I’m doing fine
There’s no vacation in my mind"

Thanks for reading/listening!
~Ryan Stockstad
Director of Eggs and substitute radio DJ

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